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It's funny you should ask that question. I have had the EXACT same symptoms over the past coulpe of weeks that you have. It comes and goes and typically happens while I am at work and then I try to relax when I get home to relieve it and it won't go away until morning. On the weekends I don't have much of it either. You are NOT alone, that is for sure. I even went to the DR and they told me this was anxiety related and it's one of the worse symptoms I have had to contend with so far. I have learned to deal with the light headedness and the dizziness, but this one has got me worried as well. Does anything help you get over it?
Same feelings in MN.
Well thank you!
This anxiety isn't easy and you are welcome to talk any time. I try to visit the boards while I am at work (I have the day off tody!).....but I can't get to them as often. I miss being who I was - which was some one who didn't have trouble going places etc. Do you or have you had trouble with driving? (Because of being light headed?) I used to be able to do anything at any time, go out have fun with freinds I don't because of how I feel all the time. IBS - another fun one to deal with. That comes and goes too. I worry about my health all the can you possibly have fun doing that when you are always worrying about how you feel? It stinks. :mad: I gained weight on the Zoloft - which is part of the reason I went off along with feeling better. Like I said, big mistake. I thought about going back on it once we have had a child if things are better, but I do find that keeping myself busy (cleaning etc) takes my mind off most of it. But I love to be able to go to bed at night - because I don't feel anything.....gotta love sleep.

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