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pat52, do you mind if I ask what kind of sensations you were having? I, too just started Lexapro 10mg a few days ago. I guess it was Wednesday night that I took my first one. Friday I was driving home and my eyes started acting really weird, as in I was seeing things like neon lights that weren't there, and also seeing tracers off headlights. This was in the country so there were very few lights and very few cars so I know it wasn't the glare off city lights or anything. It happened again on Saturday night too. Again it was while I was in the car and at night. It hasn't happened since but I also haven't been in the car at night since then.

Also, I've had a headache every day since starting Lexapro.

Have any of you had these kind of symptoms or heard of them? I'd appreciate advice from anyone who is on Lexapro or who has been on it. Experiences, etc.

welshboy, so far my anxiety it seems has gotten a little better. I seem to be more laid back about things. While before I started taking this I would absolutely fly off the handle, now I'm a little more calm. How are you doing on it?

By the way, I just had my second child in April and since started suffering from Postpartum Depression and extremely increased anxiety. This is the first medication I have taken for either one.
I have been on Lexapro, it seems like forever. I love it and I am on 15mg a day, I take them in the morning but feel it wears off after a nap or right about late afternoon. Maybe its just hectic at those times. I haven't had any side effects. I take two xanex at night to sleep so maybe some of that is in my system in the morning, no matter what I get great sleep and I'm in a great mood. I still have to have my night out once in a while to stay sane being a mother and all. You just have to try it and see if it's for you. I personally love it. Good luck to you.

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