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Can anxiety or stress cause muscle tension. I have been really stressed at my new job and I have to do alot of lifting. I sometimes feel myself tensing up my lower buttocks muscles and pelvic region. Now the muscles are always sore. Does this sound anxiety related.
Hi racer70!
I can tell you that I am the queen of muscle tension and yes it can be from stress and anxiety. I have terrible tension in my upper back and shoulders that never goes away. You could talk to your Dr. and ask what you should take for that. I take 800 mg of Ibuprofen and it does give me some relief but I know how you feel . It will get better. The less you think about it the less you will notice it. I know "Easier said than done!" Take care and feel free to talk to me anytime as I know how terrible that it can be!
Yes, I suffered from a lot of muscle tension in the pelvic region and the lower back and buttocks area for about a year. I even felt as if I had a UTI at times because of the tight muscles. I thought that I had bladder cancer, etc. because I was in so much pain and it wouldn't go away. When I realized what it was and began to accept that it was tension the pains kind of eased. They still come and go every once in awhile but it is not constant.

I now have them in my upper back, chest wall, arms and hands. Tension and anxiety can do this unfortunately.

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