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Need help ASAP
Oct 11, 2004
Hi everyone
I am fourteen and I have been diagnosed with OCD and social anxiety disorder. However I think I may have something else as well. This disorder causes me to obsess over things. I mean not like compulsive hair washing or fear of germs or any of the typical OCD things, but rather things the most common being TV shows or people for some reason. Once I form these obsessions (they usually last for around one week to two months), my life no longer revolves around me. It now revolves around the object of my obsession. I will constantly search for new information on my obsession and run over the facts of it over and over and over again until the obsession ends and eventually a new one forms. Another thing is this obsession I around 90 percent of the time keep secret because the thing I am obsessed about I am very ashamed of liking. Several months ago I started on Luvox, which is for anxiety disorders (OCD, phobias). This helped a great bit and made my obsession far less severe and frequent. Is this a form of OCD? Thank you for reading.

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