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[QUOTE=Lu_86]Hi everyone. :wave:

Before I get to the crux at of the issue at hand. Yes, I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I have been sufferring from it for 10 months now, but I did not have it diagnosed until a severe dizzy spell via panic attack landed me in the ER. (after a 10 hour (no exaggeration) wait in the lobby :o ) Next day, I was at the pshychiatrists getting evaluated. I am on Effexor ER 130-140 MG and attend bi-weekely therapy.

So, here's my question... as I said, I am going through treatment right now, that in consideration... is it still normal that if once every few weeks I get an anxiety/panic attack? (not too severe, but enough to scare me) My usual physical symptoms include nausea, muscle tension/pain in the abdomen and back, hot flashes, dizzy spells, and occasionally disorientation.

Next question, this morning's attack brought a new symptom...I felt hot flashes in my arms, and they did not feel normal, they felt lighter, and a bit more... how to say... loose and saggy, as if they were drowsy. Then, added to the nausea was a swallowing issue... I had trouble doing it, because the nausea would grow in intensity as I went to eat something. Also, whenever I turned my head to the right and back, a headrush would occur. That has happened before, but not since the episode that landed me in the ER.

Finally, does anyone know of any online resources or books that can help me get through GAD? I've tried to read Claire Weeke's "Hope and Help for Your Nerves", but she kinda lost me... should I give that another go? Or try to find something else?

If you know of any great sites or authors to point me too, please do, it would greatly help.

I am still young, 18, and 'm trying to start my life. But GAD is keeping me down. I greatly appreciate any help you have to offer, as it would help me to give my life and give GAD the kick they need.

Thanks ahead of time, BTW.[/QUOTE]
Hi Lu - I am new too, but I have feelings exactly like you describe. Nausea is the worst for me! I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it does! I can have several spells of nausea a day, and even though I never vomit and nothing "bad" ever happens, every spell still upsets me. I am taking clonopin now, which has helped alot with the panic/anxiety, but I am going to see the dr. tomorrow because I just can't seem to beat the nausea or my fear of it. I have to tell you, though, I did get a lot of help out of Claire Weekes book Hope & Help for Your Nerves. Maybe there are more up to date books out there, and I sure am no expert, but I go through Hope & Help for your nerves really slowly and underline parts that I feel pertain to me. Then you can go back and just re-read the things that might work for you. Hope that helps a little. Just know you are not alone. Best wishes - Mari

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