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Anxiety Related?
Oct 20, 2004
[COLOR=Red][I]I've been not doing well in the last few weeks, anxiety is through the roof, depression is bad and my pills have quit working for me. (remeron) I have yet to have an appt with my psychiatrist, and she's sick right now.

The last few days i've been getting tingling/numbing/pin & needle feelings in my extremities, mainly face..sometimes right arm and hand.

Has anyone had this type of thing with their anxiety?

i'm at my wits end, and the way that i've been feeling lately i'm thinking up the worse case scenerio, being it's fatal.

That is likely not the case... but just been not feeling good.[/I][/COLOR]
[QUOTE=hry33]the tingling can be caused by the flight or fight response, try to relax, maybe the remeron dose can be upped[/QUOTE]

[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Book Antiqua]It's not the flight or fight response... because when this has happened haven't had any anxiety really, a bit of nervousness and that's it.

If it was to that extent I would have been able to talk myself out of that feeling, i'm good at that, so i'm not sure if it's anxiety, or something else?

99% sure it is, but you know how anxiety is, you think up the worse possible scenerios. I've been suffering from anxiety for over 8 yrs and have been doing FANTASTIC for the past year or 2, now that my Remeron is not working anymore i've been feeling like absolute crap...

I hope I get into my appt on Friday.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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