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I've been on Luvox for several months and it wasn't working out well for me. Recently, I saw my psychiatrist and she changed my meds. I've been diagnosed with depression, social anxiety disorder and OCD. She put me on Lexapro and Risperdal. Is this a good combination considering my diagnosis?
luvox and lexapro are both prozac type meds, sometimes 1 of these wont work and another one then will, the dose may need to be upped later to get it to work

risperdal is an antipsychotic and some psychs use these for your problems, some dont. as long as the dose is small, I guess its OK, find out the dose range, they go OK with an antidepressant

SA and OCD are both anxiety disorders so anything you can do to relax will help, such as gentle exercise and long walks

valium type meds are very useful for SA as they can be taken only as needed, many SA sufferers carry a few tablets with them when out, sadly some psychs wont prescribe them, being excessively fearful of their addictive risks

an antidepressant that works for you may help a lot with all your problems

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