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Please I need help
Oct 25, 2004
Hello everyone.
I wanted to share my situation and see if anyone could offer some good advice to get me through my days.
I have what I feel is pretty severe anxiety, along with paranoia. I haven't been officially diagnosed but I know something is wrong with me and it's really interfering with my personal relationships.
First of all, I am convinced that there's no one in the world I can trust. I am in a relationship with the most wonderful, kind, caring guy and I cannot get myself to believe within my heart that he isn't going to betray me. I can't get to that comfort point- or realize that there's nothing I can do to guarantee he won't betray me. I am constantly tempted to follow him home from work, and even did it once. He was exactly where he said he'd be. I was so ashamed and mad at myself and my anxiety just got 10 times worse.
Sometimes it comes out of nowhere and I'm just stuck with this horrible feeling in my stomach that makes me dizzy and my head all tingly. I can't eat, sleep, or anything when I have this feeling. Most of the time, though, it's brought on by the constant fear that I'm going to screw my life up- make some stupid decision that I won't be able to bounce back from. I over-think constantly to the point where I make mountains out of mole-hills, and end up stomach sick all day.
I can't get myself to relax and I can't control my breathing. I take short, shallow breaths and sometimes end up in what I'm convinced is a panic attack. I just get extremely hot and sweaty, can't breathe right, can't stand up, and feel like something devastating is happening to me when there's NOTHING even wrong. I am trying to get in to see a doctor but until I can do that, does anyone have any advice on how to stop this? I am so scared I will lose this wonderful man I have in my life because he's hurt that I don't trust him. The slightest little argument will have me convinced that he's going to leave me and my life is over. And all our arguments come from me making up stupid ideas in my mind and pretty much accusing him of things he would NEVER DO. He has every right to hate me for this. And that only makes it worse. I feel so tortured. Can anyone help?

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