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Even the name is depressing social anxiety disorder SAD for short. Anyway I am new to the medication. I have known for sometime that I had this but was to embrassed to tell anyone including my husband. So I hid these feelings for so long and put on what I call a show for everyone. After seeing my mom over the summer and talking to her I realized something wasn't right. She herself was taking something for anxiety. She has PTSD.
I went to see my Dr. this morning and he started me on Zoloft. I told him the comercial with the cute blob that sits away from all the other blobs and looks so sad well thats me. I actually wrote him a list because I knew when he asked what was going on I would get all emotional and I would feel like a boob..:) and everything I wanted to say wouldn't come out right.
He said it looked like a book and he was right until I wrote all my feelings down last night I don't think I realized how sad I really was. It was like a weight had been lifted off me when he told me there are lots of others like me so don't be embrassed. So I started the Zoloft today. He started me on a low dose and we will increase if I need to.
Which brings me here....
I had been looking for a messageboard of others like me but there were never alot of posts or no one ever came back who posted. So I feel lucky to have found this one and perhaps a peace of mind that there are others like me..:)
I hope to be able to talk and help others with this disorder and the journey that I myself am about to take and learn more about anxiety and your feelingson it from all of you.. :D :wave:

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