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clench your teeth all the time? I know I'm stressed and anxious, but I just realized I'm doing this even in my sleep. Just sitting here surfing the net and I'm clenching and all my muscles in my body are tense! Besides that I worry constantly and get these electric shock feelings go through my body...bzzzzt...bzzzt. Yuck! Is anyone else loosing hair like crazy? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

I have a Dr. appt. next week and am going to ask for Cymbalta. I tried Prozac once and felt like a zombie. I just cant control this on my own. So sad.
any valium type med taken for a few weeks relaxes all the muscles but some docs are reluctant to prescribe it, demanding antidepressants only for anxiety, or maybe an antipsychotic.

cymbalta is an antidepressant of a different type to prozac

prozac is a SSRI
cymbalta is a snri type, you may do better on it, in general a low starting dose for the first 2 weeks helps, split the tablet, valium goes well with it so do ask, stress to doc that you dont have an addictive type personality and havent taken too much in the past

a mouthguard worn when asleep dose help as the clenching when asleep often includes tooth grinding, which some dentists now say is the main cause of tooth damage, the guard allows the teeth to slide over themselves, there are generally 2 versions, a football mouthguard from a pharmacy or a special splint made up by your dentist

clenching can also cause excessive closing of the jaw which leads to other problems

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