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Hey guys. Im not sure if I have anxiety problems but here goes... I sorta always feel know like that butterflies in your stomach feel? I just can't relax at all. Its like I have this feeling something bad is going to happen but I dont know what! This usually starts right from the moment I get out of bed. I have been diagnosed with OCD so I have a problem with constantly worrying about things. Death is a big one.....and I know realistically its so stupid to worry about that cause its gonna happen when it needs to happen. But I just wonder about the afterlife and stuff. I guess Im kinda a control freak and I get scared of the "unknown". I had sorta what I call a near death expierence once that was very unpleasant...and THATS when the whole death and control issues seemed to start. After that inncodent I was put on meds for OCD, PTSD, and anxiety. But I quit all those meds cause I felt like they were screwing with my brain. Basically I just want to know if what I have soounds like anxiety. My boyfreind says I just always look tense and like a little ball of energy. Its so horrible...sometimes I take half a pain pill just to mellow me out. But I dont really have panic attacks or heart doesnt start racing and I dont feel like Im doing to die. I just have a constant knot/butterflies in my stomach. I run every morning to try to relax so thats where I am headed now. I did take cloznapen(sp?) for a while and that seemed to help a bit. Any advice would be great! Thank you for hearing me out. P.S. My boyfriend is a pilot so I think subconciously my mind races about him.....I find when hes gone on a trip and Im home alone I feel more nervous.

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