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I am normally a very strong, confident woman. I have a great job, friends and family. About 2 years ago i went to the doctor because I was waking up every morning for about 6 months to a year with a feeling of impending doom. I would lay in bed and try to search my head to figure out what I was so upset about. Was I in trouble at work? Did someone I love die? Did I break the law? I couldn't figure out what I was feeling. It took me a few minutes to realize that nothing was wrong and everything was OK. Even though I knew that things were fine, i could feel the stress in myself. It affected me all day at work and at home. (I never hyperventilated or anything like that). My doctor perscribed Zoloft and it has really helped. I am able to deal with things and not freak out, except one situation. I am not able to deal with rejection from men. I don't even deal with rejection from men that I don't want. I would say that I have a low self esteem except this is the only part of my life that I feel this way in. I am confident in every other aspect. I will do anything to stay in relationships with men (whether I like them or not) in order to not be alone. When it turns out that I am alone, I get upset and have a very hard time functioning. I then start to become obssessive. I can't let it go. I call over and over and it causes more and more pain. When I try to figure out why I feel this way I am able to realize that I don't love the man. I can't explain this "scary doom" feeling. Any ideas? Thanks for responding to me.

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