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Re: Lexapro
Feb 16, 2005
I just started taking lexapro 3 days ago. I am so scared. I never been on any medication before in my life. I just want to go ahead and describe some of my syptoms so maybe someone can relate and i won't feel so alone. I would first like to give ya some background. I smoked cigs before I got Pregnant. Then I quit thru out my whole Pregnancy. Then I started smoking about 2 weeks after he was born. I was so Depressed and Disspointed with my self. They said that children recognize there mothers scent when they are infants and here i was smoking. I didn't even want to be around him when i smelled like smoke. I was afraid that he didn't love me and he didn't recognize me. I dwelled on this too much. Instead of being Happy of My BEAutiful Son, I was Depressed and I brought it upon my self. I never let that go. I always thought that i let him down, and that i was a bad mother just because i smoked. Let me just say i know how crazy this sounds but thats where my depression stemmed from. I wish i could of thought differently or taken it back. I dwelled on it to much. Here I am a Year later and i started experienceing Pannic/anxiety Attacks: fast heart beat, sweating, feeling like i was going to die, couldn't breath, thinking bad thoughts. They just kept coming back, I was living In Fear. I went to the Doctor and told him about me feeling bad about starting to smoke again.. after my son was born and also the Panic attacks. He said i had Lingering Postpartum Depression and also that Lexapro will help with Depression and Anxiety attacks. So anyways, I am scared to death. The first night i took it i had a bad experience, COULD'NT SLEEP, Scared,Jittery, shakes..I felt Mental. I thought i was going Mental. Day 2, i took it in the Morning instead of Evening, I felt Happy during the Day and once again Flipped out in the Night. I didn't feel like my self, also like the Meds were making me crazy. Couldn't Sleep, and scared to close my Eyes. Here i am on day 3. I had anxiety on and off today. I am dreading Tonite. I am starting to [U]Wonder if i really needed medication and not just change my lifestyle[/U]But these are my Current Symptoms. Someone Please tell me that I will be ok and I am not Going Mental and that this medicine will help me not hurt me. I feel alone.
1. Severly Depressed in the Morning when i awake also Groggy and with Guilt.
2. Overwhelmed with Grief and its so unbearable
3. Don't feel like myselt
4.Upset Stomach
5. Warm/flushed at times
6. Sometimes i shake or tap my leg or feet
7. Feel like its giving me feelings that Never existed before until now (a real bad depression)
8. The feeling like i am going crazy and I will never be the same
9. The Worst is I can't relax and close my eyes to go to sleep. My eyes feel tired but my body won't agree. I have to shake my legs or pace around the Room. I am too scared to sleep and when i do, i feel 10x more worse when i wake up in the morning.

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