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Re: Lexapro
Feb 16, 2005
I just started taking lexapro 3 days ago. I am so scared. I never been on any medication before in my life. I just want to go ahead and describe some of my syptoms so maybe someone can relate and i won't feel so alone. I would first like to give ya some background. I smoked cigs before I got Pregnant. Then I quit thru out my whole Pregnancy. Then I started smoking about 2 weeks after he was born. I was so Depressed and Disspointed with my self. They said that children recognize there mothers scent when they are infants and here i was smoking. I didn't even want to be around him when i smelled like smoke. I was afraid that he didn't love me and he didn't recognize me. I dwelled on this too much. Instead of being Happy of My BEAutiful Son, I was Depressed and I brought it upon my self. I never let that go. I always thought that i let him down, and that i was a bad mother just because i smoked. Let me just say i know how crazy this sounds but thats where my depression stemmed from. I wish i could of thought differently or taken it back. I dwelled on it to much. Here I am a Year later and i started experienceing Pannic/anxiety Attacks: fast heart beat, sweating, feeling like i was going to die, couldn't breath, thinking bad thoughts. They just kept coming back, I was living In Fear. I went to the Doctor and told him about me feeling bad about starting to smoke again.. after my son was born and also the Panic attacks. He said i had Lingering Postpartum Depression and also that Lexapro will help with Depression and Anxiety attacks. So anyways, I am scared to death. The first night i took it i had a bad experience, COULD'NT SLEEP, Scared,Jittery, shakes..I felt Mental. I thought i was going Mental. Day 2, i took it in the Morning instead of Evening, I felt Happy during the Day and once again Flipped out in the Night. I didn't feel like my self, also like the Meds were making me crazy. Couldn't Sleep, and scared to close my Eyes. Here i am on day 3. I had anxiety on and off today. I am dreading Tonite. I am starting to [U]Wonder if i really needed medication and not just change my lifestyle[/U]But these are my Current Symptoms. Someone Please tell me that I will be ok and I am not Going Mental and that this medicine will help me not hurt me. I feel alone.
1. Severly Depressed in the Morning when i awake also Groggy and with Guilt.
2. Overwhelmed with Grief and its so unbearable
3. Don't feel like myselt
4.Upset Stomach
5. Warm/flushed at times
6. Sometimes i shake or tap my leg or feet
7. Feel like its giving me feelings that Never existed before until now (a real bad depression)
8. The feeling like i am going crazy and I will never be the same
9. The Worst is I can't relax and close my eyes to go to sleep. My eyes feel tired but my body won't agree. I have to shake my legs or pace around the Room. I am too scared to sleep and when i do, i feel 10x more worse when i wake up in the morning.
Re: Lexapro
Feb 22, 2005
I came off of lexapro after only 3 days because my heartbeat went out of control one night.. i was sweating really bad which only made me more scared. In the morning i was fine and then all day i would have periods where my heartbeat went crazy...also i didnt feel like i was very affectionate towards my boyfriend at all..i didnt even want him to touch me on the hand or anything which is very strange for me. I've decided to stay away from meds. for anxiety. I think i can deal with it on my own without meds. making it worse. I know it takes awhile for the meds to work but some people say it takes 2 months.. and that's way to long for me!
Re: Lexapro
Feb 23, 2005
Yeah i definetely experienced that. Its scary at first but then it only last for less than a Minute. I have been on Lexapro for about 2 weeks now and the Good Definetely outweighs the Bad. I feel more confident about my self, i am less panicky and anxious. This Lexapro is really working for me. I now know tons of people who are on it. I've heard nothing but good from them. My sister in law was on it for 4 months and she is doing ok. I have my Moments where i feel like my old self is kicking through the Door and i feel like i am losing my mind, I get Flushed, My heart races, I get panicky, and i feel really scared but it only last for a couple of seconds and it goes away immedietely with me feeling Fine. I know this medicine is working for me but everyone is different. I am willing to deal with the couple minutes of Panic, that rarely ever happens opposed to all day and all night being freaked out before i even took lexapro. I hope Lexapro works out for anyone else that is on it. I don't know if this is the Medication at work or not but i feel like i have a Positive attitute toward things in life now.. What a change from a pesimistic personality i have had my whole life. :)
Re: Lexapro
Mar 1, 2005
I had a severe case of vertigo at work in September of last year. Then my life came crashing down. I couldnt ride in a car-any movement made me dizzy with fear and strange tingling feelings all over my body. I felt like walking on marshmellos. Doctor thought inner ear- had MRi C-Scan, blood works, ears cleaned, valium, xananx for possible inner ear BVVP or MAV. I began experiencing "extreme panic attacks"-at times I was so terrified I couldn't walk-felt like my legs were jelly or just frozen from fear. I couldnt go to work all I did was shake "literally" shake-when time to go to work I'd have hysteria-crying . At work I shook my leg constantly at my desk-I was in fear I was going to have another attack of Vertigo-former boss not very understanding-(she was never sick-never missed a day of work-when she was sick came in and made everyone else sick -then get mad you missed work! ) Doctor put me on Lexapro- First two days if you can believe it was worse than the above. Woke up one night felt like I ate a tube of ben-gay (high flash from the inside out") Horrible feeling. Day three started to have nose bleeds-day four-jitters / puplis in eyes dilated and pulsated. Day five-I called doctor and said I give-up! I decided I try and deal with it myself. 6 months later still having some panic and lighted headed feeling. I tried Zoloft, Paxil, Exeffor the SSRI just didnt work for me-I just couldnt get through the side effects. I was a Program Director and had to quit my job due to anxiety-wish these meds helped or I could have stayed on longer but I just couldnt tolerate them. Now I take valium-helps some. my sister on the other hand swears by Celexa-she had some of the same symptoms as I-she is President of a local Credit Union and it has done wonders for her. We each are going through menopause and it just shows some drugs are extremely helpful for some-others it causes more problems. Sorry this is long. Good luck with the Lex or Celexa-hope you find releif.-because anxiety related problems are h*ll.

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