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Sorry to be long here, but I thought I would give you my background in hopes that it may assist you in answering my questions. I'm 26, have ADD and SOD, but I'm not sure how severe when compared to others. I'm currently in college and have been for quite some time because of my anxiety about Public Speaking, the one class that is preventing me from graduating.

It took me a few few years before I could actually tell my doctor about my anxiety (not sure why?) and he started me on Zoloft and had me take Xanax before stressfull sitauations. I took the Zoloft for a while and didn't think it did anything and I'm currently taking adderal 20mg for my ADD. About 3 weeks ago I went back to the doctor and he changed my meds a bit.

Instead of the Zoloft he has me on Lexapro, which like Zoloft I'm not sure does anything or not. I'm still on the Xanax .25mg twice a day. I know very little about drug interaction and maximum doses for the ones I'm on, so I was hoping someone could help. I really don't think that taking .25mg of Xanax(alprazolam) does much at all. I mean a 4th of a mg? How could that do anything. Lately I've been taking between .75mg-1mg a day spreadout when my doc said to just take .5mg a day.

Personally, with my anxiety about my speech class and a presentation I have coming up next week my anxiety is shooting through the roof right now. I've read on a few ebsites that say 4mg a day is very high and shouldn't be exceeded. I was thinking about taking 1mg in the morning and then one in the afternoon/evening. Is this dosage too much? I don't want to OD, but I want to get rid of this anxiety.

Any help would be appreciated.

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