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[COLOR=Purple] :wave: Hello everybody i am new here i found this site via google.. hope your all well.. my name is donna and i am 24 years old from the uk..
I suffer from severe anxiety panick atatcks and anxiety, i was doing well up untill i had to stop remeron 30mg cus they changed from tablet form to soltab and i couldnt get on with them i was geting panick attacks in my sleep and depression and nightmares was awfull so i had to stop cold turkey, i thought i would get on with no meds for a bit.. BUT i couldnt my depression got so bad i just lost all motivation.. I tryed many other meds in the past and none worked for me.. tca's and ssri's..

I have no motivation, i am panicking all the time, i am completely housebound, feel lazy, dont care about nothing, tired all the time, foggy head, dream like state, think life isnt worth it, i aint living i am just exsisting..


I am now taking effexor started it on friday at 18mg half a 37.5 mg dose cus i am very paranoid and anxious about any meds.. I am experiencing yawning for a few hrs after taking it, worse anxiety, sweating, flushing, cant keep still for long cus i start to feel very panicky.. here in the uk benzo's r limited i can only get hold of valium and i been taking 2-6mg 2-3 times a day to help me keep calm BUT it just isnt working half the time.. Any one else experience these side affects from this med at such a low dose?? I want to raise the effexor to 37.5mg but am afraid to.. i need to get better i really do i hope this is the one for me..

Any imput advice plse?

thankyou :angel: [/COLOR]

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