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I'm 29 male and 5' 6" and had your type of symptoms until 26 and ended up having a mild breakdown, thankfully I had relatives (esp. my sister) who understood.

Well I thought I was dying regular when I was in bed, had panics I wouldn't wake up etc etc. Had a sore nipple, thought I'd male breast cancer, had a pain in me groin thought I'd testicular etc. Things became a constant fear of dying, death and the unkown. I was analytical of things and felt 'what's the point' 'what's it all about'??

When it came to a head I went off ill with my breakdown, couldn't eat, it was awful had more fears, worries about work and not being there. I was only 8 1/2 stones at that point. No sleep either.

I wish I'd went to the doctor much earlier than I did. Eventually I was prescribed Citalopram (Celexa).

You may need medication and I'm not saying you're going to take a breakdown but you do have to be careful.

After say about a month or two on an SSRI tablet I found that all the nonsense goes out of your head, whilst at the same time you get a bit of support from family and friends. My doctor also prescribed me some Diazepam for relief of anxiety if and when I get it, which does still come and go (much much milder though).

I use a bit of Cognitive Behavourial Therapy, like I say to myself 'My Imagination can take me anywhere, like the darkest, gloomiest corners of fear and isolation, suffering and pain - but in reality I'm going nowhere, still here in my bed, chair, on my two feet whatever! Say to yourself 'Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying' and you'll find you'll take the 'Get Busy Living' option.

Now I hate meds too, noone wants really to take tablets if they don't have to but if you need them, you need them.

No one says no to meds when they need them for blood pressure, thyroid, infection or whatever. So an A/D should be no different!!

Get plenty of rest, relaxation with your partner or friend, concentrate on relationships, eat well with nourishing foods (have a bowl of oats/porridge every morning).

Things will slowly get better, you will get stronger even though now you maybe can't see it (as I did). Take each day at a time, don't try or think getting over it 'rushed' will work. Does anything rushed work?

Myself now I did find that I had SSRI sex probs on Celexa, (loss of libido, delayed ejacuation) so I should mention that too as it's common on A/Ds. Don't get yourself too stressed over this if it happens! I've switched recently to Zoloft (Sertraline) which is in the same class of drugs as Celexa, and the effects are not as bad. This has been the only downside really of the meds. Oh they may heighten your anxiety for a few days/week when you start so take a low dose first on your Dr's advice should you decide on Meds.

At the minute I'm on a diet as I've been overweight for quite a while, which I wouldn't blame on the medication (bad habits ie. eating too late and snacking in between). I'm gonna lose a stone or two. I'm 12 1/2 stones and want to be in around the 10 mark. I think it'll boost my confidence, relationship (incl. libido) as I think being overweight can knock these things. Especially when your girlfriend and others notice your beer belly. I want to impress her and make her feel sexier and in turn myself sexier!

Let me know how you are getting on.

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