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Im a veteran of the Thyroid boards as my Thyroid is messed up but have never visited these boards before. Due to my Thyroid problem, I tend to turn Hyperthyroid often, which is almost the exact same thing as an anxiety attack, which I also get frequently.

I have prescriptions for a few different anxiety meds as a result, including .5 mg Xanax (generic version) and Propanolol (a beta blocker). Recently my ENT who is working to correct my Thyroid problem (might require surgery) told me to take my Xanax every day for 10 days to see if I feel better. The problem for me is:

1. I hate taking pills

2. Im not sure which is better to take for anxiety.

I've heard Xanax is very addicting and although I have some conrtol, I definitely have an addictive personality.

My questions are, What drug would I be better off taking for the panic attacks and can it be taken each day without it wearing off after a while and having to keep increasing my dose.

Also, what does it feel like when you take it? Does it stop a panic attack dead in its tracks?

I've been pretty debilitated with PA's for a long time. I just recently programmed myself to get over the agoraphobia and am doing fine getting out but I am by no means comfortable like I once was. I feel totally edgy when Im at someone else's house or out and about. I do it, but its just not fun.

Is Paxil the long term answer or Xanax or beta blockers?

I just want to get back to something that represents a normal life without all this anxiety. Im a classic "Type A" personaility. I tend to go over the edge with everything and have been very successful with my life in general given my medical and/or psychological problems.

If I start taking a med, which do you think is best and if so, will I lose my "edge". Sometimes I think the thing that is hurting me is one of my best attributes cause I get a lot of work done and achieve a lot of goals and would hate walking around feeling like a zombie.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Im particularly interested to know what it feels like when you take the meds. I do not want something that is going to make me more nervous than I already am.

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