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[QUOTE=usmc75]Not only do i have anxiety and panic attacks, now i have to deal with high blood pressure. i went to see my dr today just for a follow up. lately everything has been a little better with my anxiety and panic attacks. in the past few months, there have only been mild symptoms. i actually thought that maybe i was finally getting better. then when the nurse checked my bp, it was 140/96. i am not very familiar with bp readings but my dr said that was high. so now my anxiety has come back in one afternoon. i keep telling myself that it must not have been too high because the dr didn't give me any meds, but of course i can only think the worst; heart attack, stroke, death, you know all the things that people with anxiety think about constantly.
i was just wondering if any of you have problems with high bp along with your anxiety and if so how bad is 140/96?

thanks i hope that everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!![/QUOTE]

oh my goodness!!!! you sound JUST LIKE ME!! i take 75mg. of effexor (antidepressant) a day, for anxiety and panic attacks. recently i have had high readings when i go to the dr. and get my bp checked. im only 26, and do not have a bp problem, but due to my anxiety, it does go up whenever i have it checked. trust me, i have had 140/96 before. it always goes down after i just sit and relax a bit and then check again. it usually goes down to around 120/78 or so. the dr. seems to think it's just because i am anxious. they also call it "white-coat hypertension" i, unfortunately have almost become "obsessed" with ttaking my bp whenever i am out at a drugstore, or supermarket. i was so worried when it was a little high at the dr.'s office those couple of times- that i feel like i always have to check now, because i want to make sure it isn't too high. i guess that's almost ocd! :rolleyes: don't worry- you are probably fine. nice to know i am not the only one going through this!

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