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the other day i ad really bad anxiety and a panic attack and shortness of breath when i didnt sleep for 2 days after a guy tryed to break into my car with me in it.i had taken myself off paxil 20mg a month or so berfore and i was doing i put myself back on only on day 4 so im not really better family came to my house for thanks giving and i asked tthem please be quit i need to sleep.they didnt care and made lots of noise i got so unpset i starteded to tremble legs were shaking and my arms to i was so upset they didnt care that i didnt feel good.i was wondering why i was shaking so bad?is this part of a bad panic attack?i was in bed when i happend but im not sure if you shake like that if its panic or not.needless to say im going to have to call my doc and talk about it and maybe go for therapy now wich i stoped cause i thought i didnt need not working and i really dont like being around ayone.i feel bad im putting my mother through all this as i am 40 years old and live with her.but i think i may need to go on disabilty cause i get really upset about things sometims and i get sad wanna leave the house.i worry all day that i wont sleep at night its awful..thanks its nice to know if anyone else has these problems and im not alone.

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