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[QUOTE=wren2ca]Hi. My doc just put me on Clonazepam this past week due to anxiety/panic. I've also just started Celexa.

The Clonazepam pills I have are 0.5mg with instructions to take one twice a day.

The first morning I took only one/half pill, and it put me to sleep for three hours. I tried another half pill early evening and the same thing happened.

Now I've tried taking 1/4 pill in the morning, and taking a 1/4 pill spaced out during the day at about 5 hour intervals. That's sort of working, I guess.

I certainly couldn't take a whole 0.5mg pill as per the instructions and continue with my day.

Anyone have any thoughts or similar experience?

Hi Debbie, I am taking Clonazapam as well as Lexapro, and I have noticed that same reaction to the Clonazapam. I haven't actually gone to sleep, but once I take it, I can't stop yawning, and I just want to curl up and go to bed. Even though the label on the Clonazapam said 0.5 twice daily, I have started using it on an "as needed" basis. I take my Lexapro daily as perscribed, and I only take the Clonazapam when I have unbearable anxiety that is going to keep me from performing my normal duties. For example, today at work I started having a panic attack, so I took a Clonazapam, and it helped. I still felt tired, but I was able to finish my day without freaking out. Also, I normally only take half a pill when I do take one, which isn't quite as bad. (Although I see that you've already tried that, and it still brought on the sleepiness.)

Depending on your level of anxiety, I would try only taking the Clonazapam when it's necessary, and relying on the Celexa (if it has begun working) for the majority of your time. Because the Clonazapam is fast-acting, you do not have to build up the medication in your system before it begins to work. That's why it's good for panic attacks - it only takes about 15 minutes to kick in regardless of when you last took one. Don't know if this helps, but this is my personal experince. ;) Let us know how it goes!

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