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know just how you feel, tho mine isnt a neck problem its my chest that feels tight and i get random pains over my chest and ribs docs say it tension pains,tho i still worry something is really wrong with me thatthe docs are missing (i have'nt been one week without seeing a doctor since sept!!!!)ive turned into a hypochondriac,it all started when i was put on dianette(the pill) for acne and i read it can cause blood clots etc....if you smoke(ive since quit), its went down hill from there for me really i just find it hard to believe the chest pains can be from anxiety but i guess its been coming for a long while and ive just left it till it got this bad( id been depressed for months before this happened)
im now on meds and hoping and praying i get some relief from this soon,i cant think of anything other than whats wrong with me are you like that?i look up things on the net and scare myself to death ha ha i seem to ache all the time and my mind is foggy. tho i guess if its been like this for 3 months no better no worse the docs must be right huh?!i seem to pay too much attention to my body and focus on every little pain .Nobody understands what its like so its good to talk to others like myself


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