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Hi. I'm 17 and just wanted to say that I am experiencing the exact same problems as people like shayser and lady epona are experiencing. I tend to get "obsessed" with things I suppose you could call it. I'll try and explain what my life is like. Well, about a year or a year and a half ago when I was 15 I had started a job working casually at a supermarket and had been working there for the previous 6 months as well as going to school. Well, I really liked it and all the people working there and I was happy. Then after awhile I started worrying all the time whether I had done everything right. For instance, I worried that I might have given out the wrong change to customers and my cash register would be short and I would worry about not doing everything right etc. I would go home and my mum would always have to reassure me because I would ask her "Do you think I would have done everything right?" and she would reply, "Yes, you would have." Some nights I would only have to ask her once or twice, other nights I would ask her 8-10 times. She would sometimes get a bit frustrated with me which is normal, but the thing was I would worry about it constantly until she had reasurred me. This worrying about that I had done everything right at work continued up until Christmas 2003 when they recruited more staff and I would constantly measure my hours up against everyone else's as I used to get the most hours before they recruited the new people. I would then worry about that. In February/March this year, I was sitting outside with my mum and she noticed that I had a lump in my neck. She took me to the doctor and he thought it might just have been a viral infection and prescribed me antibiotics for a week. Well, I took the antibiotics for the week and after no change had happened, I went back to the doctor and he sent me for blood tests. That revealed nothing either, so I had to go into day surgery to have it cut out. They sent it away to be tested and we got the results back and we found out that it was just a branchial cyst which, for those of you who don't know, is a cyst that you are born with and comes up in your neck when you are a teenager for no apparent reason. Anyway, I was fine after that, but after watching a segment on a news program about brain tumours I started worrying about getting a brain tumour. I had headaches and everything and my mum took me to the doctor and he said that they were tension headaches. I was still convinced that there was something wrong but my mum or the doctor said to wait awhile and see (because they both know how much I worry). Anyway, after a while the pain went away. I then developed neck pain, which then moved on to shoulder pain, which then moved on to upper back pain, which then moved on to lower back pain, which then moved on to coccyx (tailbone) pain, which then moved onto leg pain, which the pain has now left me. And each time that I had something wrong I thought it was something really bad such as a brain tumour or a spine tumour etc. The pain has now left me but each set of pains that I had lasted from 2 weeks to a couple of months. I still worry about this a little bit, comparing to before where I worried about this 80% of the time I now worry about it about 5 % of the time. My new obsession now is I'm afraid of getting HIV/AIDS. I worry about getting it my walking down the street and treading on a syringe (even though I always have shoes on) and not knowing about it, I also worry about getting it from customers that I serve at the supermarket I work at. I can't even go onto the beach when I'm on holidays without constantly watching where my feet are treading. I will, in time, probably get over this obsession too and find something else to worry about. I have been to the doctor with my mum and told him how I worry about everything. My mum doesn't want me to go on any medication for fear that I will become dependent on them. She took me to a naturopath and I was given some herbal medicine off her which I only took for a couple of weeks (because it tasted so bad) and then after that I didn't take it any more. The doctor also suggested that I go to one of the counselling places where I live. I made an appointment but so far will not be able to get in until next February due to they close over Christmas and the fact that they are so busy. Reading your posts, I can see that you suffer the same sort of thing that I do. Lady Epona, I used to always go on the internet and try and self-diagnose in the hope that it would make me feel better, but instead I would always end up feeling worse. I have learnt not to try and self-diagnose any more. I really want to get better, but I'm not sure if I ever will or not, because anxiety might be hereditary in my family as my nan is a very anxious and worrying person just like me. I seem to have inherited my mothers physical characteristics such as blood type and eye colour and inherited my father's family's personality traits as I am exactly like my father in many ways, exactly like my aunty and exactly like my nan. My sister on the other hand, got the better end of the deal as she got my dad's physical characteristics and my mother's family's personality. [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]

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