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Hey Bobby,

It makes me feel so sad that there so many of us out there going through this daily torture. I had anxiety for seven years then beat it for about two. Sure I had little bouts with it here and there but for the most part all of my fears were gone. Then last week I had been sick. I started to vomit. The next day I had chest pains. Then came the panic, then the ER. I was so sad, upset, and scared that my anxiety was coming back I also developed a serious migraine. Itís been a week and one day and my chest pains have not subsided. Life has been very difficult the last week. Iím dizzy and have constant chest pain and want to run to the hospital any chance I get. My little safe place. I noticed Iím starting to close my world.

I did beat it before and I believe we can all beat it. I forgot about all the hard work I put into beating this thing. Now I need to go back and do it again! I will not let this take over my life! Every second Iím so scared of having a heart attack and dying and I feel like running and hiding. I also want somebody to help me and watch me every second of the day. Itís just awful. I hate it! So I decided to repeat the steps that help me overcome my anxiety in the past. I hate that I have to do this again but I do not want to give in. With anxiety it so easy to let it control you. Well here are some things that I have done to help me get over this thing.

First thing I did was to ask God to help me with extra strength.
I told my family that I had anxiety and educated them on panic attacks. Then I accepted that I have anxiety and nothing else. This is after undergoing every heart and brain test under the sun at least twice. All tests always came back without any harmful results. Itís all in your head it was all the doctors told me.

Then I started to see a therapist. It took me 5 years to finally see one. Very wrong on my part. Talking about your fears really helps. It was definitely the best thing I could have done. I was also afraid of taking any types of meds. So my process was even more difficult. Donít be afraid to talk about everything and anything.

I found a relaxation tape that would help me relax and stop my racing thoughts. Learn how to control your breathing while listening to the tapes is a must. Just like meditation.

I did the things and went places I was afraid of going to. When you do this and donít die you feel like you just survived a car crash. Scary as it may sound it is very important to get out and try your best to live life. No matter haw many panic attacks you have while out. Itís not fun and really frightening but it must be done.

Self talk! Helping yourself. Telling yourself youíre going to be ok. At first you donít believe anything you say but you need to keep saying it. ďI will get through this. I will be ok. It will pass. Itís just an anxiety attack again.Ē

Learn to expect your attacks. You know itís apart of your life so learn to face them head on. Tell yourself every morningĒ Today I will have a panic attack and I will be afraid. I will think Iím dying and want to go to the hospital or my safe place. When this happens start your self talk. Do some stretching exercises. Try to breathe normally. The first couple of times you do this it might not work but be persistent and it will work.

Keep a journal of your day. Log your activities. Write about your panic attacks and how you felt when you had them. Also write about the part of the day where you were ok. Or maybe you went somewhere and really didnít want to because you were afraid. Write about it. It helps.

I would keep a couple of sheets of paper with me folded up in my pocket. It had all my self help talk written down because lots of times when I was panicking I would forget my self talk. I also had a note to my self saying Ďits ok god is with you. Youíre going to get through this! Relax and breathe it will be over soonĒ. I also had a stretching written out for me. Here is an example:

Start with your feet. Straighten your legs and make a fist with your feet. Count to 5. Then tense your calves and count to 5. Then your thighs and count to 5. Then your whole leg and count to 5. Then your fist and count to 5. Then your forearms and count to 5. Then your whole arm and count to five. If you really try and concentrate on doing this sometimes you got so focused you panic attack will stop. Thatís the goal.

None of these things are easy to do. None of them work without the other and none of them work the first time you try it but if you keep doing these things every single time you will find your panic attacks starting to subside a lot faster. You will not have as many during the day. You will feel better knowing that you have a plan against your anxiety. A sort of armor to protect you when you need it and with Gods help they will be a thing of the past.

Sorry about the spelling but I had alot to say!


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