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This is one of those things where I have no idea what causes it, no idea where to post it and am not even sure if it's a "condition" to begin with. Please let me explain.

Everyone goes through days where they might have "dry mouth" (ie; they just are'nt producing a lot of saliva) and other times when they might be producing a little extra saliva (ie; "juicy mouth"). For the past week, I have been in the "juicy mouth" category. That is'nt to say that I am foaming at the mouth or drooling all over myself, it's just that I seem to be producing more saliva than usual as if I'd just seen a big piece of chocolate cake and was salivating at the thought of eating it. This comes and goes throught the day and of course, me, being an anxiety-ridden hypochondric, am thinking that it MUST be rabies and that I am about to start foaming at the mouth at any minute. I've also (as I stated in an earlier post) just come off of 2 months of Cipro and Levaquin which are well-known to cause anxiety and panic attacks both during and after taking them.

Shortly after I did stop taking them is when this week-long panic attack began. In fact the last two times I went on Cipro/Levaquin, I had horrible anxiety for a week or two after I'd already finished the medication. My symptoms don't seem all that unusual (for anxiety) and I have tended to salivate more than usual during these anxiety/panic attacks in the past but I have always wondered if this was normal or if this particular symptom may be from something else (ie; GERD, allergies, IBS, bad teeth/fillings, etc). Can/does anxiety/panic usually (or even sometimes) cause an increase (even a slight one) in salivation?.

A few other things I've noticed are that it sometimes feels like I can't take a deep breath or I feel this tingling/tremor ripple down my neck breifly or I'll get a small, quick stabbing pain in the right side of my head, neck, arm and other places in my body. Spasms, feeling on edge and nervous like I just drank 5 whole pots of coffee are other symptoms and they seem to get much worse as the day progresses. For example, I woke up feeling just fine this morning but once I was up and moving around for about an hour, I could feel the anxiety starting to creep back and it got so bad that I finally had to take a Lorzepam.

Anyway, does the salivation (ie; "juicy mouth") thing sound familiar to any of you?. Funny, I seem to have it more often when I'm taking Xanax for some reason so maybe it's a side effect of the drug?. What about all the other weird symptoms (rippling, tingling, electric shock feelings, tremors, sharp pains that come and go, funny feeling in throat, breathing problems, etc?.

- Thank's again for your help!

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