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Re: Clonazepam
Dec 21, 2004
Clonazepam is a Benziadopene, meaning if taken on a daily basis over time it has the potential to become addictive. It's a muscle relaxant similar to Xanax, meaning it works almost instantly and you can feel the calming effects of it pretty much immediately after taking it.

Benzos are different for everyone. They're really not meant to be used as a long term solution for anxiety, mainly because of the addiction potential and withdrawal effects. But for some people, they are the only thing that works. I've been taking .5mg /day of Clonazepam for over a year now, and while it does help my anxiety a lot during the day I can really feel it when it starts to wear off now. I think I've begun to build up a tolerance to it, which is why I started up Paxil. I've been on 20mg Paxil for about three weeks now, and it's really helping me out. I've felt better the past week than I have in almost a year with just the Clonazepam. I'll probably try to taper off of the Clonazepam in the next few weeks.

Just a bit of a warning, not meant as a downer or anything. Not everyone has withdrawals when getting off of Benzos; some people take them for years without any problems. And with a slow tapering schedule many people get off of them with little to no side effects. Good luck w/ your anxiety all, Happy Holidays and may God be with you.


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