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Hey. I am almost EXACTLY like you. Im 16 3/4 and so shy. Im on 150 mg of effexor xr too. but also remeron and zyprexa. i am the most shy person i know. like u i used to have too many friends and when i entered grade 7 they all vanished, i pushed them all away. i feel like i always push people away as soon as i gain their friendship as it always feels so fake. i am pretty yet have never had a bf. i just changed schools to try and change things, start fresh after battling OCD. i notice that my ocd symptoms cause me to separate myself even more.... i guess i find having short term goals a lot easier to handle. ill write more soon , its intriguing to find someone who notices things about their self like i notice about myself, and over analysing thoughts before they become words etc. sometimes i feel i can fake happieness and i do this when im with my psych its not good. its like i can just discard people when i feel they have too much fake stuff related to them.. but i made them that way. i have yet to know if im just neurotic or psychotic.. good luck, car

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