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I'm 21 years old in pretty decent shape and about a month ago I started have panic attacks. They came totally out of nowhere. I did have an uncle die 2 weeks before it stay started. I'm not depressed , I have been unemployed for a while so I havent been super active but I was working out on a regular basis tho I was getting lazy for a little while.

The first panic attack I had I was just sitting around and I started feeling really ill , I had a rapid heart beat and general feeling of doom. I did smoke some pot that morning but I was well coming down from it. Called an ambulance went to the doctor for a checkup he said everything looks ok and gave me some .5mg xanax to take when it flares up. About a week after that I had another panic attack this one worse(after smoking) , I had really fast/pounding heart beat/palipitations (mabye 120bpm) and I was shaking like a leaf. I was at a friends place having a good time and it came out of nowhere. I went home took a xanax and tried to relax and it went away after 20 mins or so. I then went to the doctor again for a full physical + ekg he said im healthy again... After that episode I said to hell with smoking and totally quit.

After that I had a few more attacks which were just more of a feeling of depression / doom and I have had a fast heavy heart beat a few times and plenty palpitations. I also had central chest pain for a while. Now recently over the last 2 weeks or so I have had pain in my chest mostly on the left side sometimes going into my arm and sometimes out of random a fast/heavy heart beat mabye 90bpm,and still having some random palpitations. I no longer have the emotional symptoms.(ie feeling of doom etc) but I am scared for my health. I can usually bring the heart beat down using breathing techniques. Also for a while I was having alot of muscle twitching in my legs mostly but sometimes in my arms but that seems to have calmed down alot.

I have been to the ER three times , have had 4 ekgs all saying im healthy and that it was anxiety/stress. I no longer smoke and i'm scheduled to goto a cardioligist in a week. The left chest pain isnt around all the time , but a fair ammount of the day at random times reguardless of activity seems to happen after eating? I dont have any problems exercising , I played basketball with my cousin the other day no issues. The xanax dosent make the chest pain go away neither does advil. I also did have some interesting dreams which was caused by the xanax from what i've heard but none recently. My question is , is this really anxiety? Has anyone else been though this? I no longer have the metal side of it if its infact anxiety but how do I get rid of the physical stuff.


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