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I have days where I'm about ready to pop. Today is one of those days. I have alot of my plate, and usually can handle it very well... but what cause the days that you can't?

I just want to sit down with a nice cup of hot tea, but I can't because I'm afraid that the caffene will make it worse. Could it be my menstral cycles? But then why doesn't it happen every month?

I didn't have a problem this morning it just started to happen as the day went on. Is this "normal"

I'm on Welbutrin XL for the stress I'm under. My son has High Functioning Autism and my dh works alot. I take care of almost everything that comes and goes in this house.

My sister is having some problems and is unloading on me and I think that is what is pushing me over the edge. I do not have anyone to dump on.

Ok, that is my ?, sorry if it doesn't make any since.
You do have a full plate. Dumping here is fine. Do you get out at all or do anything for yourself. Taking care of someone like you do can be very stressful. Don't for get to take care of yourself. There are plenty of caffiene free teas out there, if that is what you like to do to relax, you should.
I hope you find some inner peace.
u have to take some time by urself and the last poster is correct there is tons of caff. free stuff. sometimes i say forget and indulge ur self u know. but dont do it if u know ur body . :wave:

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