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I know y'all arent Dr's... but as those with anxiety experience Im lookin for a little feedback.

Today I was at work... doing my thing... like any other day. we had a rush of customers who came in to buy furniture, and i took care of about 10 different people in an hour (again pretty normal)

I sat down at my desk and said ahhh a nice quiet moment... let me check email to see whats going on. I got an email from a customer with pictures of the crib they bought. it was cracked.... and as i was lookin at the pictures.. i started feeling weird. i looked up and the store was dim... my hearing got muffled.. and my body went numb... got real warm.. then iced cold.... i felt like i was gonna pass out but never did. my finger tips went numb and my lips too.

I stood up and ran to the break room... i wasnt feelin any better so i ran to my mgr and said i have to get fresh air brb. I went outside.. and just felt like i was in a dream. I then ran next door and got water and a bagel.. thought maybe i needed to eat.

that didnt help. i went back to my store... went in the bathroom to compose myself... peed like i hadnt peed in days lol. i came out and still felt foggy. i felt real jittery like i wanted to run 500 miles... but felt kinda like i was on one of those fun houses where the floor moves when u walk.

so my mgr sent me home. i had three more episodes where i got all warm/cold/numb.... on the ride home and had to pee really bad again.

when i got home i just paced around the living room getting that feeling 2 more times.. and peed like 3 more times like i didnt pee for days... till it went away. it was about an hour ordeal. My mom and i played a game of scrabble which calmed me down and took my mind off it. but now i just feel foggy and spacey.

is this what you call an anxiety attack or is it something else ya think?
thanks in advance for all ur input.

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