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Hey everyone, i am 20 years old and i've tried so many things so i figured this wouldn't hurt. I have been light headed/ dizzy and fatigued for over a month. There are no signs of vertigo althought my DR still gave me medicine for it. My MRI was normal but it showed i had a bad sinus infection and my DR said that could be causing my light headedness even though i showed no symptoms of a sinus infection. So i was prescribed an antiboitic for two weeks. I took it and im still light headed.
My best friend passed away around 9 months ago from hypoplasia of the arteries and was experiencing the same symptoms. There is no detection of this disease so i am extremely paranoid and literally spend ever waking hour stressing over this. I try to forget about it but it just isn't working. Does anyone have any advice at all?? thank you!
theres lots of info on lightheadedness on the net, it has many causes including anxiety, ask doc what are the chances of your having the same illness as your friend
there are several things to wash out the sinuses with warm salt water and these often help, a netti pot is one
the water goes in thru 1 nostril, thru the sinus passages and eventually out the other nostril, one is sold on the net but I cant remember its name
The disease is extremely rare. My DR said he's never even heard of it, however i do stress about it a lot because it is consistently on my mind. I took antibiotic for the sinus infection but the light headedness didn't go away. I don't understand about the procedures to wash out the sinus's though. It just striked me as odd that i had a severe sinus infection when i showed no symptoms.
Obviously it's best to check with your Doctor, but I think it would be fair to assume that it is anxiety if you are experiencing any other symptoms consitstent with the disorder. Are you having feelings of apprehension, or feeling "on edge"? Are you worrying excessively or feeling that there's too much "noise" in your head?

If so, it culd well be anxiety, if it's [I]only[/I] light-headedness/fatigue that you experience it might be something else.

Like I say, it's best to check with your Doctor.
Yes i am definately worrying excessively. I spend every waking hour thinking about it or researching it. I did check with my Dr about the disease and he said he never heard of it but it is extremely rare. Thanks for you posts!
This may sound overly simply, but it's worth a shot.
Did the Doctor look in your ears?
I always had some dizziness with my anxiety but there came a time that it (the dizziness)got much worse.
I went to the Doctor and he checked my ears...and they were both full of turned out I have something called's where the tube that's in your inner ear doesn't work the way it's supposed to and fluid gets trapped behind your ear drum and has no way to come back out.
Also having a lot of wax in your ears can cause you to be dizzy.
Like I said it might be over simply, but it's something you might want to check into.
I was treated for a sinuis infection too before they realized it was an anxiety disorder that was causing my physical symptoms i was so exausted from worrying
Were you having similar symptoms?
What you are describing may well be anxiety. I had a similar experience almost two years ago - I had constant dizziness, and I would get anxious about it, which would escalate it into even more dizziness and nausea. And it did last for about a month. I was completely freaked out.

What finally snapped me out of it was meditation/relaxation. I bought a couple of tapes that have guided meditation and focused breathing. I was amazed at the difference - after doing it once I felt 80% better.

One other thing that was somewhat helpful to me was Xanax, but that's really just a temporary fix.

Hope this helps!

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