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Hey everyone, i am a 20 year old male usually in good health. About a month ago i started getting light headed, first off i was extremely worried because 8 months prior to this my friend passed away from a rare disease called hypoplasia of his arteries. This simply means that his arteries didn't develop as he grew and restricted blood flow to the rest of his body. Why i am so paranoid is because i am experiencing the exact symptoms he was having being light headedness, fatigue, and weakness. I am experiencing weakness in my legs, like they are just going to buckle out from underneath me and the light headedness has been constant for over a month, sometimes being worse than others. I've had MRI's, X-RAY's, Thyroid tese, echocardiogram, blood work and everything is coming up negative. In my MRI it showed i had sever sinus infection and my family dr said that was causing the light headedness. So he gave me 2 weeks worth of antibiotic to clear it up. I wasn't experiencing any symptoms of a sinus infection, no congestion, headaches, ect. which striked me as odd. Well i finished the antibiotic a week ago and im still light headed. Im getting extremely worried and scared and dont' kno what i should do. I literally spend every waking hour of the day thinking about this and hoping i don't pass away, im so stressed out over this it literally runs my life and im scared all the time. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!
A couple of questions, Wrestler. What antibiotic did the doctor give you for the sinus infection? Are you on any other medication or have you recently stopped taking any medication?
Biaxin was the antibiotic...i was on antivert for my dizziness but it didn't do anything so i stopped taking it. LET ME KNOW!
One more question: did you stop taking a medication (like an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety med) *before* all of this started?

Wrestler, the likelihood of anything being seriously wrong with you that wasn't detected by all those tests is slim to none. At this point, I think you need to assume that one of two things is causing this: 1) that your sinus infection hasn't cleared with the antibiotics and 2) anxiety.

I think that you really need to work on calming yourself down. I know it's not easy. Make yourself stop the internet searches, take deep breaths, try to focus your attention on other things (books and movies work well for me). Get a massage. See a counselor. Focus on eliminating anxiety.
Hi wrestler, the lightheadedness and weak legs can come from stress and anxiety
lightheadedness has many possible causes, look it up on the net for details

get doc to check your ears for wax, etc, very basic but oiften overlooked

weak legs are known as jelly legs and involve going weak at the knees and shaking buckling legs, the cure is not to tense the leg muscles but actually to relax them, dont stand rigidly to attention, but shift your weight from 1 foot to the other

your problems are likely mostly from stress and anxiety about your friends disease
I'm sorry about your friend, I'm sure you are hyperfocused on that. I have to agree, after all those tests, physically, you sound fine. I hope you can figure out what to do about the anxiety you are feeling.
The test that where taken would show if there was something wrong most likely. I think the stress of your friend passing has caused anxiety. Our bodies take stress out in weird ways. My son was in a car accident, he's ok now but i had to take care of him and I was fine until he got better than I had the same symptoms you are talking about. to this day sometimes out of no where i will get hot, feel dizzy, heart races and i feel like my legs are going to give out. If i leave the situation Im at and go to a place where its quiet it goes away.

Also the biaxin is a very very strong med, maybe that contributed to the dizziness. when this happens to you, just remember to breath and know it will pass, dont stay in the house or in to familiar situations, you need to live life and get yourself threw this. you can do it! Its scary i know, have you ever considered buying a hypnosis tape for anxiety? It has helped me considerabley!
Don't worry about anything like hypoplasia causing your symptoms. If anything were to kill you that is causing your dizziness, it would have killed you by now. Dizziness is one of the most common ailments, yet it is the one that is the hardest to diagnose. Most often, it is idiopathic (no known cause), and most doctors will agree with that.

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