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Hey everyone, i am a 20 year old male usually in good health. About a month ago i started getting light headed, first off i was extremely worried because 8 months prior to this my friend passed away from a rare disease called hypoplasia of his arteries. This simply means that his arteries didn't develop as he grew and restricted blood flow to the rest of his body. Why i am so paranoid is because i am experiencing the exact symptoms he was having being light headedness, fatigue, and weakness. I am experiencing weakness in my legs, like they are just going to buckle out from underneath me and the light headedness has been constant for over a month, sometimes being worse than others. I've had MRI's, X-RAY's, Thyroid tese, echocardiogram, blood work and everything is coming up negative. In my MRI it showed i had sever sinus infection and my family dr said that was causing the light headedness. So he gave me 2 weeks worth of antibiotic to clear it up. I wasn't experiencing any symptoms of a sinus infection, no congestion, headaches, ect. which striked me as odd. Well i finished the antibiotic a week ago and im still light headed. Im getting extremely worried and scared and dont' kno what i should do. I literally spend every waking hour of the day thinking about this and hoping i don't pass away, im so stressed out over this it literally runs my life and im scared all the time. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!

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