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Hi, everyone!I'm pretty new to this board just thought I would share my personal experience and daily battle with Anxiety/Depression. I was fine till about one year ago. Then everything happened at once. I was getting out of an extreme phychologically abusive relationship and I ended up having a miscarriage a week later. This past year I have turned into the biggest case...Here are my symptoms...Sound familiar to anyone?

Fear of getting(........any horrible disease enter here)
Chest pain
Fear of Dying alone and since I live by myself someone no one would find me for a few days
Numbness and Cramping in muscles and joints(especially arms)
Frequent urination
Loss of Appetite
Restless Leg
Obsessive thoughts(about everything) that will not go away no matter what!
Feeling sensation like a million bugs crawling all over scalp(pins and needles feeling)

I started therapy at the beginning of 2004 and it does help some, just not enough..I have been put on Lexapro, which I decided to go off of because I felt like it did take away the depression however it also took away all other emotion and I felt like I had no conscionce...I was placed on Paxil and am only on my 3rd day but have nothing neither positive or negative to report about it yet....Anyone willing to comment on their strugggle with anxiety?

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