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Thanks for your reply, islandkate. This thing is so very mental, I know. For me it feels like someone has their thumb inside my chest and is pushing on a spot. I'm just hoping this is a musculoskelatal thing. This is the problem - the worry part. What do I do? Get another xray or MRI? I find whenever I really worry and the Dr. sends me for a test, then I'm ok for about a year or two. Then if another, the same or different symptom crops up, I doubt the validity of the prior test, thinking that a real problem has occurred.

Now, I don't feel as if I have panic or anxiety as a part of my everyday life. But when I feel a symptom, usually from stress, then I go into panic state and anxiety state. But I did read somewhere recently about things that may be realted to a person with high anxiety. For example, I do not do well in social settings. I tend to be shy and blush very easily, which is totally annoying. I wish I could control this. I do a fair number of things in front of people just to force myself to not be so timid. I supervise a group at work, I make professional presentations, I sing in front of the church as a cantor, etc. But, I'm really anxious about the last 2 items, every time I do it!!

I wonder if this is all normal or related?

I guess it's all part of life. Wonder if we'd be stressed out if we moved to a warm island and had no cares? Right. We'd manufacture cares!!


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