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Well, I've been away from these boards for the past 4 months or so, so I decided to let you guys know how the 24/7 dizziness thing was going. For those of you who don't remember, I suddenly became very faint one day, almost passing out, and I've been dizzy every minute of every day since then. More lightheaded really because there is not spinning.

The good news. I'm still alive! I saw a few doctors, all pretty incompetent though. They just don't care about cases of dizziness and just prescribed anti-depressants. At first, they gave me Celexa. Although this caused the worrying about my dizziness to pretty much go away, it gave me hives every single day. So the doc gave me Effexor. I weaned off Celexa (took about 2 weeks to feel "normal" again), but I do not feel any different than when I was on it, so I did not start taking the Effexor.

So the bad news is that I'm still dizzy 24/7. Florescent lighting still drives me nuts. Any physical activity makes the dizziness SO much worse. But I think I've learned to live with it. It seems the dizziness is starting to get a little worse again, so I will probably try the Effexor soon. I'm going to the Caribbean next week on vacation, so I will take it when I come back. I don't want to start taking it now and risk ruining my vacation with bad side effects.

All in all, I've convinced myself that if it was anything serious, it would have developed into something really bad by now. But it's just annoying really. Yes, I will keep trying to figure out what may be causing it, but I try not to let it get to me anymore.

How about the others who have had 24/7 dizziness. Have you done anything which has helped?

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