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[QUOTE=ajas]Hi All
I keep reading posts on addiction to valium type drugs.
(Charlieboogs I relate so well to you ), I have been taking valium since I was 23, now 46, I take 5mg when needed, sometimes I go days without, but if I need to do something out of my comfort zone,( sometimes that was just leaving the house!) or just take the edge off, it eases my worried little brain to know that they are in my bag. maybe this is an "addiction" but they give me a life, so for years, Ive just gone to the doctor get my script& away I go. Now heres the good bit ! I move from Australia back to New Zealand after 15yrs, I was an emotional wreck , terrified wreck to be exact , so i get to the doctor here and he says you may have 6 a week YE GODS ! I was certain I would have at least 7 panic attacks,!! Now to be able to get these 6 gems continually I was sent to the head of the alcohol & Drug Centre ,that in itself took one pill, and he asked a simple question "what would you do if you didnt have Valium" pretty easy to answer "I would drink alot of alcohol to cope" ( I kinda had a bit of a problem with that ).. so which was the better evil? (as that is how you are made to feel at times,)hence years down the track I still get my 24 a month,I have read all the books, tapes, can do most things, am happy & much improved,can still have crap days!but have not needed to increase dosage. These pills enable me to function in this life. I just wish that doctors would understand this as well. Hrry33 is also right, doctors get freebies, if they write out enough scripts of certain brands or new drugs from the companies that make them.$$$ to them, sheer frustration,not to mention the highten anxiety for us ! If there is a point to be made I just belive that we all need help at times and if you find what works for you then stay with it.( if doc allows!! )
ps Charliboogs, I too wouldnt take anti depressants for years believing if I wasnt anxious I wouldnt be depressed but I was wrong, 10mg of anti at night, sleep like a baby and wake up without dread! May these days continue !
Just felt I needed a rave, and these boards are great.

Hi Sue! I also have to have my valium in my purse at all times. Its my security blanket. Last time I went to the doctor he perscribed me 10 mg of Lexapro once in the AM. I took them for a few days but my blood pressure went up. Maybe it was the anxiety of being on something new. I also have my valium. This medication made me feel spaced out and strange feeling. Maybe I didn't give it long enough to take affect. I am very pariniod of anything but my valium. I have had some really bad experiences with anto depressants so I am wary anyway. When I take my valium my BP is normal when I don't its high and I have severe anxiety. How long did it take the anti depressant to work for you? :)

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