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I use Valium for social anxiety. I do not take it regularly, but use it only before expected events that I anticipate will cause me great anxiety--this mostly involves performances/speeches/presentations, and to a lesser extent situations in which I'll required to interact with a lot of new people and take a leadership role for my work, and then even less frequently for other types of anticipated social interaction that I feel could be anxiety-provoking. I've been using Valium this way for over a year, with good results. I'm a 175 pound man, early 20s, and in good health.

I end up taking Valium about once a week on average, and averaged over time, I calculate that I take the equivalent of 2mg/day.

My question is about timing and dosage for use of Valium in this way....

When I started taking valium, I began with a 4mg dose. It had a negligible effect.

I quickly advanced to a 10mg dose, which reduced my symptoms 10-50% depending on how anxiety-provoking the situation was. For presentations and when in situations where I'd be on the spotlight, the 10% reducing in symptoms still left me shaking, a little trembling, feelings of dread, rapid heart rate...

So for most situations, I began using 15mg... which made me a little more at ease than 10mg, but still quite anxious.

I was worried about using higher doses, since I always read typical doses are 2,5,or 10mg at a time. But I decided to try 20mg, which worked very well for all social situations that don't involve being the center of attention for maybe more than 8-10 people.

So 20 mg has been the dose that I have largely stuck with... before a particularly anxiety-provoking presentation with a lot of people present, I took 30mg--at that dose, my anxiety was completely eliminated and I couldn't believe in restrospect that I didn't feel any dread prior to the event, got up to speak without any anxiety, gave and enjoyed giving the presentation, and never worried about it afterward.

In all cases, I have been taking the doses around 1-1.5 hours before the

Also, I should note that I combine valium with a beta-blocker (about 20-30mg of propranolol) and take that at the same time as valium.

So my questions are... is taking 20-30 mg doses of valium all at once harmful or unadvisable? Would it be more effective to take smaller amounts over time, and if so, how could that fit in with its use right before events-rather than for general anxiety throughout the day? How about my timing for taking the drug--should I wait longer before my performances or wait a shorter amount of time?

At about 20 mg every week to week and a half, do you think I will slowly habituate to the drug and require greater doses to achieve the same level of relief? So far I don't think that this has happened, and I believe my increase of the dose from 10 to 15 to 20 over time was more because of my gaining experience with what dosages work rather than my body's diminished response to a certain dose.\
I have taken valium for over 30 years. 5mg per day and occasionally 10mg which really slows me down. I have a very low tolerance to meds though so if I took 15 to 20 mg I could not function. After 30 years of valium I trust it. It really works for me tho it can bring on some mild depression as its a downer. I can deal with some depression but not the panic and anxiety. Some people cannot tolerate it al all. Xanax is also good but I do much better on valium. Patty
Hi, as long time user of inderal I think you probably don't ever need to take anything more than 20 mg. I cope with 10mg and it converts me from someone who would have a COMPLETE meltdown if faced with the prospect of speaking to a group of 3+ to someone who can cope. I still feel the anxiety - but can cope because I know that no matter what happens, my heart will not start beating 250 per min, (violently moving my shoulders in the process) and I wont loose the ability to speak - although in very stressful situations I can forget what I want to say. I think 5mg might actually do the trick but I can't afford to take the risk. I have 2 questions for you; 1) Do you get any side effects from the beta-blocker (eg: dry sore eyes and pain in stomach) and 2) Is it easy to get your doctor to prescibe the drughs you need (Beta Blocker AND valium)?

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