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I am getting so angry and unhappy because nobody knows what wrong with me and nobody is helping!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my list of symptoms:

Fast Heartbeat - At rest anywahere between 70 and 100. Can go up to 150+ when at worst.

Heavy Heartbeat - Pulsating feeling all over body.

Chest, back and shoulder pain - Sometimes sharp, sometimes aching.

Lightheaded - Feel like im not really there and about to pass out.

Nervous (Stomach churning)

Weak - Like my legs cant be bothered to hold me up


Starting to get depressed.

I got rushed to A and E about 3 weeks ago as i had a really fast heart beat of 150 and chest pains.

I had ultrasound, ecg, x-ray, bloods, blood pressure - all OK.

They sent me home the next day because they couldnt find anything wrong with me.

I'm still the same now its making me so angry and depressed. I fear going out to the pub and stuff in case i collapse or something.

My doctor has put me on 40mg Verapamil to slow the heart down but i dont think its working.

It seems to be related in some way to worry or stress. It is triggered by my ex-girlfriend and whenever i think about her my heart rate rockets up and i get so nervous. I then cant stop thinking about my heart and get myself all worked up.

I can go all day at work feeling relativly OK. But then if i am due to meet friends that for a drink that night, as soon as i start getting ready or think about getting ready my heart rate shoots up from about 70-80 bpm to more like 120 bpm. I can then feel my heart beating away in the stomach, temples and chest.

I go out anyway and i stay like this all night. Its horrible because i cant stop thinking about it and i feel like im about to pass out and i dont have a good time. I have stopped drinking alcohol because i dont want to blackout when im drunk in case i dont know what to do or something. I also drive everywhere in case i have to go home ill.

Sometimes i have to leave early and when i get home and watch tv i return to normal.

I sleep fine and this doesnt effect me at night. (It seems)

As far as i can figure out this these symptoms are with me all the time but 80% of the time there are hardly noticeable. They seem to get worse when i go out to places like pubs and clubs and when i think about my ex,( who im still friends with and i see her most weeks) and when i think about my symptoms.

I am worried that my ex might start going out with one of my friends and this is what gets me worked up. I also get a nervous feeling when shes around me and i cant figure out why. Its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!

Once i notice that my heart is beating fast i cant get it out of my head and get more and more worried about having a heart attack or blacking out. The my heart rate gets worse and i cant put it out of my mind.

Im on a 15 week waiting list at the hospital for an outpatient visit - But i cant carry on like this!!!

Nobody seems to seem bothered about helping me in a hurry!!!!!!!!

My family are concerned but they think it is a bit in my head because my symptoms get worse when i think about them.

This is stopping me from going out and enjoying life in general and in turn its getting me more anxious that i am missing out on stuff with my mates and getting left behind!!!!!!

I have posted in this board but i dont know if its anxiety related at all.

Please help.

Im 20 y/o male who is really Pi##ed off.

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