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Hey, Thanks for the replies to my post.

I have sort of started to accept that i havent got anything seriously wrong with me, (hopefully) and i think this will be the hardest thing for me to do.

But im still have big trouble with a v fast heart beat.

It only ever occurs when i do 4 things.

1 - Think about anything related to my ex.
2 - Get ready to go out to the pub or whatever with friends.
3 - When im out at the pub or club with friends.
4 - When i think about my symptoms.

Points 2 and 3 are similar to 1 because when i am getting ready to go out i am thinking about seeing my ex out and about. (i cant avoid her and i dont want to neither because all my mates are good friends with and so am i, but she makes me feel really ill, and im sure she has some how cause all this to happen)

I find it so difficult to go out and enjoy myself when i am plagued with a racing heart beat and a leadheaded and stomach churning feeling.

I used to look forward to going out and getting drunk and on a friday and saturday but now i dread it and would rather spend the night in my bedroom.

If i do stay in, its no better because all i can think about is every1 out having a good time and then i feel sorry for myself.

I have bought books and stuff which dont help. Does anybody now if there are any exercises i can do when im out and about to forget about my symptoms and slow my heart rate down?

What does worry me is that i get the fast heartbeat everytime im out with friends. It beats at aroung 120 - 150 bpm sometimes more and will stay like this until i get home and go to bed. This cant be good for the heart can it? It can be like this for 4 hours + on occassions.

I am taking verapamil 3 times a day to slow the heart down but they obviously arent doing anything at all.

I dont really want drugs but what is available to take as and when i need it?

I would prefer to sort this out naturally and get it out my head but i cant so i ned to revert to medication.

Thanks again for your help!

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