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I'm reading some of the threads on here and I see people with severe anxiety symptoms. To me it is clear the possible side effects of anti-anxiety medications are worth it for these people.

My symptoms are not as dramatic. My mom has bladder cancer so I am constantly worrying about her. I'm having a hard time getting a full night of sleep. I often lay awake and worry, worry, worry about my mom, bills, my husband health, my daughter's healthy, cleaning the house. You name it, I can worry about it. I find myself losing my train of thought and being more forgetful than usual. I've had some serious headheaches and neck pain.

My appetite is fine, no heart palpitations, hot flashes, extreme fear etc.

I've had a prescription for Xanax and I've found it quite helpful for sleep. I take 1/2 a pill before bed and I sleep like a baby. I know it can be addicting so I'm careful not to take it every day.

My doctor still feels I need a regular anti-anxiety med. I tried Lexapro but had bad nausea after a couple of days and stopped. Now I have sample of Paxil Cr to try. The side effects are daunting. I'm trying to weigh the situation to see if the Paxil is worth it. My doctor explained that my mind sort of needs repairing (she talked about Melatonin I believe) and she said the Xanax will not do this. Any opinions?

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