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For the past 6 months I have been suffering with anxiety. It started off with the tingling of body, which panicked me into believing it was a stroke. Rushed to Emergency Room, where everything checked out fine.

Since then I have lost count on the amount of times I have visited the doctors thinking there is something wrong with me. My doctor has prescribed me 100mg elavil which seems to be working slowly, but saying that I have only been on them 5 weeks. Starting at a dosage of 25mg for 2 weeks, then 50mg for 1 week then 75 mg for 1 week then upto the 100mg in the last 3 days.

Some of my symptoms seems to be alarming me, so I am writing here today for some reassurance that anyone can give and how long did it take for the medication work.


Severe muscle tension in neck and shoulders
Pulling sensation in throat, behind nose and eyes
Numbness feeling to cheeks, whereas I can feel to touch but when I let go it feels like its numb.
Pressure in base of skull and upper jaw
Scared of going out on my own just in case something happens to me.

Also the pulling sensation in throat, nose and eyes only seems to happen when I am anxious, like at a shopping mall and I have to stand in a queue before being served, but when I finally get to the front and start packing my bags I sort of go alright. Can anyone relate to any of this because I am feeling rather lonely at the moment because my partner doesn't properly understand even though he does try.
Hi Tyna

Thank you for your reply.

I would say it has been on and off now since August 04, but been getting worse since October. That is when the doctor prescribed me Paxil to begin with but I was having worse panic attacks with Paxil than without.

So I decided to try and beat it myself, but to no avail :-( So I started elavil approx December 15th, which it seems to have lifted the depression and some of the tension but not all.

The most bothersome symptom is the pulling sensation behind nose and eyes when standing in a queue, it seems to take a hold of you in seconds.

By god now I know what my mum use to go through when she has one. You don't really understand how scary panic attacks are until you suffer with them.

Does elavil help with these symptoms because my doc seems to think that the pulling sensations in nose and eyes are muscle spasms from my neck and that the medication will help relax the muscles. Also I have a night guard because I seem to be a constant clencher which also isn't good for the head and neck muscles.


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