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[QUOTE=Jugi]I'm just wondering if anyone can share their experiences using Lexapro. Has anyone found it to be effective for anxiety, especially GAD? What about side effects? Initial side effects? Long-term? And expecially, sexual side effects?

And has anyone who has used Laxapro also used Paxil? How do you think they compare? Did you switch directly from one to the other, or taper off and wait before starting the new one?

I've been on Paxil before, and it worked great for me with the only side effect being the sexual side effects, which is why I stopped. Now I'm just starting back up, but I'm wondering about whether Lexapro is less prone to the sexual side effects, and whether it might be less prone to making me sleepy, which Paxil seems to be doing to me this time around. (And I think the sexual side effects are back.)

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated!

Hi, I used to take Paxil and then went onto Zoloft and just now switched to Lexapro.
I found Paxil to be amazing for my phobias and anxiety but the zero sex drive was a big problem.
I have heard that Lexapro as the newest of the SRRIs has far less side-effects than the other meds. It's only been 10 days but I think that with the exception of being more tired - I'm doing well so far.
Love Sarah

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