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I have been on Lexapro 40mg for almost 3 yrs. I was on Celexa 40mg until they weaned me to Lexapro, due to side effects, at 40mg. Since Lexapro was not offered in 40mg pills, they had me taking 2, 20mg a day, for my Anxiety.
Lexapro has really been great! No anxiety!

Only warning.....yes I did gain weight (but that could have been from stress, etc.). Also, it has given me the ability to live in an enviornment, that I would normally not live in (Caotic, husband addicted to speed & which started the anxiety to begin with, was my constant trying to fix everything).

Now I am weaning off Lexapro. 2 weeks now. Horrible side effects while weaning off. Electric shocks, mood swings, depression, far no anxiety attacks! But weaning off still hurts.
Weaning needs to be done by your doctor with Lexapro.
Due to me losing health ins, I have to wean off, and my doctor gave me Paxil to wean off the Lexapro. So I feel that it is cold turkey. He only told me to take 10mg Paxil a day for 8 days.
That is not good enough to wean. Give yourself 2 mths with full heath ins.

Lexapro did work for me & my anxiety attacks! Which is all I could have asked for in life at that time. If I never have an Anxiety attack would be way to soon.

I just procaution the weaning of Lexapro.

Good Luck. Life is way to short to live with anxiety. It can be treated. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It is not a sign of weakness (like I originally thought it was). Do the Belly really does work. Hot bathes with belly breathing.

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