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:) HI,
I think your husband is on the right track.......but know what you mean by anxiety AND ESPECIALLY panic attacks runs in the family. It does in is hereditary for grandfather, mother,2 aunts and my sister all suffer.All on the maternal side, wich also strengthens the hereditary thing.
I plead once again.......unless your hubby IS depressed, NOT to do the anti-depressant thing......Go back to the Doctor and really lay it on the line that he just needs meds AS NEEDED!
Also a suggestion is some therapy.....might help......
It is much harder for a man to go through this than a woman.....mabee because men are supposed to be so strong.....yet women will reach out for help! Is that why you are on this board instead of him? :)
All the best to you both, and hope you can figure this out together.....with a little help from some therapy mabee???? ;)

Good luck and take care of eachother,
You sound like a wonderful wife and person!! :angel:

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