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Generalized anxiety disorder for me means.. A constant level of anxiety that never goes away. From the time wake up to the time I go to bed. I am "never" w/out it. Some days it's worse than others. My obsessions have increased alot of the last few years, to the point that I could almost be considered pathalogically, obsessive, regarding my health and things that are "wrong" with me. I freak, and I mean freak, at the least little sign of something that could "get me".. Right now, I am dealing with my doctor who had me get a chest xray and then said she wanted it repeated in one month because of something she saw on that. Well.. With someone like myself, you don't ever say "don't worry about it, it too soon to tell anything". I want to know NOW, RIGHT NOW !. lol.. So, I push and push and make my own appointments with specialist,, I don't care of I"m over obsessive, it's my body, my health and if nobody else cares I DO!. Now, that being said.. XAnax.. XAnax has been on my daily meds list for over 5 years now. At first I was taking 0.5 4x a day for a good year and maybe more. So, I decided I wanted to "wean" myself down, wtih my dr's help of course. We worked it down to 2x a day and whenever I needed it. AT one point I quit taking it totally and for good. I was not a happy woman. Now, I take it 2-3 times a day and whenever I damn well need it.. It has proven to me, that when all else has failed me. This is my one and only alternative to a nervous break down. I don't care if I have to take it until forever and a day. It's here to stay. Alot of physicians dont' like it, they say it's "too addictive" and not good for you. It's in and out of our system unlike prozac,and paxil, and lexapro and wellbutrin, so how can it be worse than those that linger forever in your blood stream? Just my opinion on Xanax. Unfortunately I've never had the chance to try Adivan. I may need it in the future, but for now. Xanax will do. :wave:

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