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Long vent
Jan 24, 2005
I have been on Zoloft loved it but I had no sex drive at all so I was switched to Lexapro liked it and was able to have sex but with insurance issues I needed to find a new one so then we goto Paxil which I hate!!! It made me all freaky feeling and not able to have sex. I have researched everything I could find on the net about anything to do on SSRi's. I am beginning to think there will be no help for me. Once again I am calling the Dr tomorrow to see what he thinks. All I want is my anxiety to be better I am not asking for a miracle cure just be able to deal with it better. I bet my Dr. thinks I am a nut case I am sick of talking to him about it because last time he said call me in a few days but I am not sure what else we can try. I can't talk to my husband because I think he thinks it's in my head. he actually said this to me..I think it's hard for anyone with anxiety to understand what it feels like if they have never had what I feel..I guess it's like trying to explain what a heart attack feels like when you have never had one. Could this be do I infact bring this on myself. I am a very sane person besides with anxiety which I am able to hide I do ok. I called the insurance company this morning so there are no more worries what they cover and I was told try these... Prozac...just the word scares me..It's the word that is used with insane people in movies and any reference to disturbed people I have heard since I was young. when i was a kid my then B/f's mother attemped suicide and had a breakdown I remember her being hospitalised and she was on Prozac..Next we have Effexor I can't find a whole lot about this post wise from people who have been on it or are on it.. Celexa which is supposed to be the generic form of Lexapro..wellbutrin..and lastly comes serzone which can cause liver damage..I feel as if I am grabbing for something that there will not be any help for and scared as hell that my Dr will tell me well i don't know what to try..I feel I have tried 300 meds and not just 3 different kinds..Anyways like I said I have no one to this about this with so even if no one has any words of wisdom I feel better I could vent..:)

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