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I've been going from Dr. to Dr. for several months with my symptoms. All of the tests that they have run have turned out ok, so my PCP and Cardiologist think my problems are due to anxiety.
My symptoms include...chest pressure off and on, trouble breathing most of the time, low blood pressure(my bp used to run 120/70 consistantly, but is now running 90/60 or lower), near fainting spells, dizziness, and constantly feeling "on edge". Most of these symptoms aren't very noticable if I'm sitting or lying down. I get very lightheaded and short of breath as soon as I stand up...I also get a feeling of pressure and pulsating in my head upon standing. I have 2 small children to take care of , so all of this has really had an effect on my life. If all of this really is caused by anxiety...what might help improve my symptoms? My dr. had me taking Xanax for awhile, but it made my lightheadedness worse.

BTW...I just turned 25 and have always been in great health until recently. I've had heart problems ruled out...Echo, ekg's, stress test, and chest CT. I've also had some Neurological tests...tilt table, head and neck MRI and MRA. My Dr. said he would refer me to a Pulmonary specialist if I wanted, but I'm so tired of going to Dr.'s and getting no answers.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.
I'm surprised the doctor didn't say that having that low of a blood pressure was causing that - that would be MY first guess!
I have the same things and mine has been diagnosed as anxiety. My blood pressure and pulse are also usually very low.

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