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I totally understand and can relate. I have been suffering from anxiety for a couple of years now and my biggest complaint is the nausea. I am constantly nauseated. Now, I really have been sick for a month now. I was diganosed by two doctors with chronic migraine headaches. These headaches are now trying to take over my life and I am on medication to help prevent them. I have missed 3 weeks of work and have just felt terrible.

All of this has made my anxiety worse. I am constantly nauseated. Like today for example, I had a head CT scan and I was feeling so sick to my stomach worrying about it that I almost picked up the phone and canceled several times. I kept thinking what if I feel sick during the test..... After I completed the test, I felt stupid because it was not that big of a deal and I managed to make it through. Now, I am worryng about the results of the scan...there goes my weekend. :rolleyes: I also have to return to my stressful job on Monday which causes my headaches to become worse and then I start feeling pain in other parts of my body, my stomach starts to hurt and I get dizzy and nauseated, it's a nightmare.

I have not taken an anxiety medications yet although my pain management doctor put me on a beta blocker for my headaches and I read that those can work as an anti-anxiety drug. The beta blocker does slow the body down a bit and it makes me relax a little.

But the nausea has controlled my life for 2 years now. I go home early from things I am doing, I don't go out because of the nausea in fear of getting nauseous when I'm out in public. Daily, I take prescription nausea medication to cope and drink many teas that relieve nausea and anxiety. When I am out, I start feeling nauseous and then I have trouble swallowing. I also have post nasal drip from my allergies which does contribute to the nausea but the anxiety makes it MUCH worse. It is such a helpless feeling and it's even embarrassing. I think to myself I used to be such a "normal" person before the anxiety set in and it makes me very angry that this is what I've become. I am thankful though that there are others that I can talk to about this problem that understand what I am going through. It is always good to know we are not alone in this.

You mentioned you have heartburn... I have read online a lot of people with anxiety have heartburn as well. I do not know if it is related but it seems there may be some kind of connection. I think that anything that makes us feel bad can cause anxiety. Like my post nasal drip causes anxiety for me because it drives me nuts.
Thanks all for the replies. I used to get acid relux aLOT more than i do now days , As chrislynn described about feeling sick about the thought of something. I can realate back ;) .I also come close to cancelling things. Not so much hospital appoinments though. Also the public place problem is overwelming when you are in that situation. another example is : A few months ago i went to london "ON A COACH" for me this is a massive thing to do , i was worried about feeling and being sick infront of a coach load of colleges thatdont even know about my problem. When you are in that state nothing can help you , you just battle it out in your brain.
Anyway I was 99% fine on the coach trip there to my astonishment and only had a slight panic attack if you like on the coach there, I had a really good evening and we was due to go home about 11 pm. i finished on all the games machines and i felt quite tired about 10 pm. So i sit down and grap a bottle of water. i sit there thinking and then i start to brew in my mind "do i feel sick" i say "no" then "no actually i do a little" then i says to my self "stop being stupid" and itescalates to the point of "i realy do feel sick" or "im going to be sick". i went to the bathroom for some space on my own and calmed down a bit. Well by then my stomach was churned and i couldnt change my situation. I had to go out side "in the rain and cold" shaking sweating , and yes i was sick. I couldnt belive it :(.
Last night i wrote this above and today i have felt really churned in the stomach. I however didnt stay at my girlfriends again because didnt feel upto it. UNBELIEVABLE. ofcourse i always feel i let her down but she does uderstand and has stood by me for many years through thick and thin.

Liek i say i beleive i have got this anxiety and panic from stomach probs. But i will check out the relux boards as im always interested in every angle. its a shame i couldt read about Gerd and acid reflux when this all come around.

Thanks again very much for your replies, I would love lots more to keep this conversation going. ITS REALLY GOOD TO TALK ABOUT IT.!

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