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[QUOTE=Timber]By "behavioral health doctor" do you mean psychiatrist? Either a psychiatrist or a GP can prescribe medications, but I strongly urge you to see a psychiatrist for anxiety meds. GPs tend to know much less about psychotropic medications, their side effects, dosages and subtle differences.

But, if you can't get to a psych, your GP can do it.[/QUOTE]

Yes, a psycologist as well as a psyciatrist. I've actually been to the behavioral health department at my clinic, and honestly, I didn't really care for my therapsit. It seemed as though we talked just as much about her as we did about me. And my psyciatrist was okay, but the two kinda go hand in hand. I have FM and have had anti-d's thrown at me to help ease the pain and increase serotonin, but, the side effects are nasty, and I'm not depressed, but I do experience anxiety. I have all the classic signs, and I can feel my body "tighten" up with stress, so much so that I have to "talk" myself into calming down. Hard to do. My rheumy has me on Klonopin at bedtime, and what I wanted to discuss with my psyciatrist was instead of the anti-d's to simply change the Klonopin to something like Buspar or Xanx (which I have just learned that Xanax can relieve anxiety AS WELL AS symptoms of Fibromyalgia), but the clinic is so far away, I don't get there on time sometimes because it's near a reconstructing area, and if I'm more than 3 minutes late I have to reschedule. I've had this happen to me, and that'll make you anxious for sure, especially since it takes me so long to just get ready to leave the house. So, I was wondering about talking to my GP about this, since I have been going to him for nearly 8 years, instead of trying to find a new therapist and doc to write the script for the meds. I have new insurance now, so I don't need a referral, but I can't find any mental health docs listed in their wonderful little book. I'd have to call them and have them look for me. I've tried their website and found one psyciatrist.

Anyhoo, I've rambled on enough. I usually post in Fibromyalgia and Pain Management, but thought I would check out this board since I seem to suffer from general anxiety. No phobia's or anything like that, I've just experienced a lot of stress, still do, and would like to not feel like I'm busting out of my skin, or feel like my heart is going to burst through my shirt from beating so hard. Maybe some other time I'll post everything that has lead me to feel this way, but I know you all probably have your own stuff to deal with. I have posted a lot on the death and dying and grief and loss boards to, so if you search through some of my posts you will find the reasons for my stress, sometime when you're bored! LOL

Thank you for your info. I've been reading the posts here and you all seem like a nice group.

Here's wishing you a good spirit,
Klonopin and Xanax are both benzodiazepines, so it might not change much to switch, but I guess it could be worth a try.

Which SSRIs have you tried?
[QUOTE=Timber]Klonopin and Xanax are both benzodiazepines, so it might not change much to switch, but I guess it could be worth a try.

Which SSRIs have you tried?[/QUOTE]

I was on Effexor for 1 1/2 years, my last dose was 225mg, that was a bugger to come off, they don't tell you about the wicked withdrawl from these SSRIs. I was on Wellbutrin XL 300mg, then Cymbalta 60mg, and currently am on Wellbutrin XL 150mg to help me quit smoking.

I don't mind the Klonopin, I just want to be able to have the mg's increased so that I can take one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. Klonopin works for Fibro differently than Xanax does according to research. Klonopin is more for restless legs syndrome while it appears that Xanax call also assist with the serotonin that is missing in Fibro patients. I've read up on the anti-anxiety meds and that's where I found the information about Xanax helping with Fibro. The information about Buspar was included as Buspar not having addictive tendencies. Which I'm not worried about becoming addictive, since I am now on the Duragesic patch/Fentynal as well as Percocet for breakthrough pain, and have been for some time. I think we can depend on our meds, in that, we depend on them to help ease our little "dysfunctions", but being in so much intense pain and using these pain meds doesn't give us a "high", it just makes the pain more bearable.

I don't believe I'm depressed. I don't have any of the symptoms, and basically I'm happy, just frustrated with all that's going on in my life. I have so many physical problems, herniated and torn lower lumbar discs, stenosis in my lumbar and cervical spine, as well as DDD in my cervical spine, bursitis in my right hip, chostocondritis, carpal tunnel syndrome on top of the Fibromyalgia. But I think I have been experiencing general anxiety for some time, but just here recently have I been noticing more intense symptoms. I get so upset so easily some times. Like if I can't find something that I KNOW I just saw the other day, I will literally tear the house apart looking for it. And I "feel" like something out there is "doing" this to me, you know? Like I take it all personally. I can lay in bed, and think about bills or something else that needs attention and my heart will beat so hard. I also feel like it's hard to take a breath. Like I try to inhale real deep but just can't get the air in. I also notice that when I'm laying in bed just dozing off, my shoulders will be raised up and tight, or my jaw will be clenched, or my head isn't fully resting on the pillow. I already have had work done on my teeth because I clench my jaw so tightly I have several cracked teeth. I have a bite guard at my dentists, but I owe him so much money, I'm afraid to call and pick it up. I will notice even during the day sitting in my chair watching tv that my jaw will be clenched so hard that my teeth will hurt.

Boy, you just asked what SSRI's I was taking! LOL Bless your heart, I'm sorry! :)

I just want to feel calm and in control.

Thanks for your reply.


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